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The Final Two Weeks in Cope- Finals, Family, and Fødselsdag

The last post of my time being independent abroad featuring the completion of my Danish bucket list!

Last Week of Classes

This week was a sentimental one for me as it was the last week that I saw a lot of people. However, it was quite delightful as I got a lot of free meals. On Tuesday, DIS treated all the bloggers, photographers, and videographers to a new Nordic meal at Vækst. This was soooo amazing because we got like 7 courses and also a wine pairing, so I felt it was a pretty good payment for doing a blog that I would have done anyway. I had no idea that food could taste as good as the food I tasted there.

On Wednesday, I represented Novo Nordisk for our final “Shark Tank”-like presentations of our companies for the final class of my Core Course. After, we were treated to dinner where I got an open-faced Hamburger. Not sure the purpose of being open-faced, but I appreciated the thought. I also think I got an Onsdagsnegl this day, but I sadly cannot remember this wonderful memory.

An open-faced cheeseburger!

Thursday was the official last day of class for me and Friday all I had that was academic was my final Danish oral exam. This consisted of performing a 4-minute skit in Danish with my partner, Bridget. It went really well, and I got brunch at my favorite brunch place, Paludan Bogcafe, with a few friends from class. Unexpectedly, I was invited to join a group on a GoBoat around the harbor which entails getting eight friends together to drive your own little boat around while having a picnic. It was really fun, but super windy and we littered a lot.

Talia, Joanna, and I have been planning a 21st birthday party for all the summer birthdays, and on Friday, our dream came to realization. We spent a few hours setting up, and then we had all our friends over around 9. It was super fun and we had over 60 people come! That weekend, I cranked through 3 essays and turned in my final assignment on Sunday marking the end of the “study” part of study abroad. I celebrated that and Cinco de Mayo with my friend Katya after mass.

The only people celebrating Cinco de Mayo in this restaurant were Americans haha

Last Week of Freedom

My last week in Copenhagen before my family came was shockingly boring. All my friends still had exams or projects, so I just kind of filled time cross stitching and doing last minute bucket list things. The restaurant Grod has amazing oatmeal and porridge, so I went there with Claire before going to Amager Strand with Nicole. The beach was soooo cold, but it looked warm and pretty! Walking barefoot was overly optimistic and I had regrets from ever subjecting my feet to that!

Grod porridge

Wednesday was the final exhibition day for people who did research at DIS (not me). I met up with people for final onsdagsnegls before going to support their presentations. Nicole and I did our last adventure on Thursday by going to 3/6 of the hidden giants. We first went to Hilltop Trine then Little Tilde then finally Thomas on the Mountain. It took a really long time to get to them, but I would recommend Little Tilde for anyone coming in the future.

I don’t take selfies often, but when I do it’s with an onsdagsnegl
I cross stitched Talia this as a goodbye present!

After much anticipation, Alex and my parents arrived on Friday! I spent the morning cleaning and packing and made my pilgrimage to the airport with the obligatory Danish flags to greet them! I was so excited even though I was getting really tired of traveling at that point.

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