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My Definitive Ranking of Study Abroad Experiences

I’m a huge list maker, so here’s a huge list of a bunch of important things from my semester!

Top 10 Moments that Took my Breath Away

  1. Biking to my host family the first week (so cold!)
  2. Watching the sunset at Nyhavn
  3. Oia to Fira hike in Santorini
  4. Eating pierogis in Poland
  5. Falling in the shower in London creating a bruise the size of my face
  6. Pope Francis driving by me on his popemobile
  7. Cheering on the Danish handball victory at Radhuspladsen
  8. Every bite of my ondagsnegls
  9. Dancing on a table at Springfest
  10. Standing on the shoulder of a (wooden) giant

Top People that Inspired, Supported, and Partied with Me Over the Semester

  • Joanna Meyer
  • Talia Gerard
  • Sofie Lysholt
  • Olivia Leonhardt
  • Jonas Thomsen
  • Nicole Cavanaugh
  • Catherine Terry
  • Maddie Evans
  • My host family
  • My Core Course Professor- Jeanette
  • Isabel Battista
  • Lev Brown
  • My mom (from a distance)
  • Jethro Castillo
  • Claire Callan
  • Many, many more

Top 7 Travel Mistakes

  1. Booking flight to Bergen for wrong month
  2. Getting locked into Auschwitz
  3. Running out of gas on my ATV in Santorini in the middle of the night
  4. Checking my passport in my luggage before my flight to London
  5. Wearing heels the first day in Rome
  6. Falling in the shower in London
  7. Taking a sketchy flixbus all the way to Munich

Ranking of My DIS Classes

  1. Royalty in the Land of Equality (TAKE IT IF YOU CAN)
  2. Medical Ethics
  3. Biomedical Core Course (London Study Tour)
  4. Danish Language and Culture
  5. Biodiversity and Conservation

Top 7 Cities I Visited

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Santorini, Greece
  3. Bled, Slovenia
  4. Krakow, Poland
  5. Munich, Germany
  6. Brussels, Belgium
  7. Budapest, Hungary

Bottom 5 Cities

  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Athens, Greece
  4. Milan, Italy
  5. Odense, Denmark

Top 4 Copenhagen Cafes

  1. Paludan Bogcafe
  2. The Living Room
  3. Studenterhuset
  4. Cafe Hygge

Top 5 Copenhagen Pastries

  1. Onsdagsnegl (Wednesday snails) from Saint Peder’s
  2. Chocolate Croissants from Emmery’s
  3. Chocolate Croissants from 7-11
  4. Fastelavnboller from Lagkagehuset
  5. Almond Croissant from LaGlace

Top 10 Places to Eat in Copenhagen

  1. Reffen Food Market
  2. Tivoli Food Market (Gorm’s Pizza)
  3. Gasoline Grill (Good, but way overpriced)
  4. Paludan Bogcafe (Morning plate)
  5. Netto (haha the Mexican salad is too good)
  6. Fresh Bagel (remember DIScount)
  7. Väkst (AMAZING new nordic food)
  8. Noma (jk I’m way too poor for that restaurant)
  9. Gorm’s on Magistraede
  10. Pastor Tacos

Top 3 Catholic Masses in English

  1. Saint Augustine’s at 6 pm (free food after mass sometimes)
  2. Saint Anne’s at 5 pm Saturday or Sunday (happy Filipino women)
  3. Sakramentskirken 5:30 pm (wouldn’t know because a riot was happening there when I tried to go)

Top 5 Day Trips from Copenhagen

  1. Frederiksborg Castle (Go in Spring!)
  2. The Hidden Trolls (definitely hit up Little Tilde, Thomas on the Mountain, and Hilltop Trine)
  3. Amager Strand Beach
  4. Kronborg Castle (Hamlet, Sweden views, and Holger Dansk)
  5. Louisiana Museum

Top 8 Clubs/Bars in Copenhagen

  1. Old Irish Pub on Tuesdays for American Night
  2. Sohesten for Trivia or just for beers
  3. Club Mambo
  4. Happy Pig
  5. Bakken
  6. A Bar (gotta do it once)
  7. Jolene
  8. Guldhornene

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these memories! If you wanna catch up over face time before I go to Philly for the summer, hit me up (on my American number!) ❤

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