Prost to a Super Short Trip to Munich

This trip was short and this blog post is shorter. Only 3 more weeks until I head home to MN!

My Notre Dame friend James, my roommate Joanna, and I have been planning to go to Munich for Springfest for a few months now. Pretty much it is a spring version of Oktoberfest that is very likely even less authentic with more Americans. The first kink in such plans came when the airline SAS decided to go on a huge pilot strike that has affected 270,000 travelers so far! My flight was canceled and unable to be rebooked like most flights out of Scandinavia the last 5 days. I took a cheap flixbus to Munich from Copenhagen. Because Joanna was already there and alone, I felt an obligation as a friend to still go to Munich. It was 16 HOURS and pretty terrible besides the short stint of when the bus went on a super nice ferry between Denmark and Germany. I cross stitched a lot and even got a thumbs up from my German bus neighbor. I finally arrived and found Joanna after having to aggressively tell this absolute stranger that he in fact could not visit me in the US nor could he stay with me in the station until Joanna arrives. Joanna and I frantically made our way to the campsite to meet James and drop our stuff off.

At the campsite, we met up with James and a bunch of his friends, his brother, and 5 new friends from Notre Dame that coincidentally were there. We hung out there and changed into our traditional German attire before making our way to the festival.

The festival was really cool! It had lots of carnival rides and food stands with amazing German food. I instantly started with Kasespaetzle which someone in front of me offensively told her friend translates to mac and cheese. I guess she didn’t grow up in a German family…. We then made it to the first beer hall where I saw a bunch of people from my Copenhagen program. We couldn’t find spots there and ended up at another one with a full table including some new German friends. It was a lot of fun and involved lots of German polka dancing and a few carnival rides that were far too scary for everyone involved.

Kasespaetzle is my childhood

The next morning, Joanna and I decided to explore Munich starting with Marienplatz with the Glockenspiel with dancing wooden people. We then walked around, went to the English gardens, went shopping in the central station, and headed to the airport with enough time to eat in the airport lounge that Joanna’s mom bought us access to. The flight home was one of the roughest, but I slept amazing after a super overly tiring weekend!


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