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Finding my Home away from Home in Denmark

This week was exactly the break from traveling that I needed: this week highlights some of the ways that Copenhagen has become like home for me.

Monday: Local Library and Hygge Home

After a weekend in Berlin, I had to recover into schoolwork and internship applications. I wanted to discover a new library after class, so I checked out the Copenhagen Public Library. Definitely no Black Diamond Library, but still pretty cool and modern. The day was overall relaxing with the night finishing with dinner, homework, Netflix, and new candles I bought at Flying Tiger.

Copenhagen Public Library
My flat with stereotypical candlesticks

Tuesday: Tour de Copenhagen and Famous Dead People

After class on Tuesday, I got an itch to spend a lot of time in the nicer weather (50 degrees and sunny). I took a two hour long bike ride to a new area of Copenhagen with a beautiful lake and went for a walk with Talia to Assistens Cemetery. This cemetery was absolutely beautiful because it didn’t have very geometric placement of the graves, but rather everything was very natural. I visited the grave of Hans Christian Andersen (author of Little Mermaid) and Kierkegaard (famous Danish philosopher). Talia, Joanna, and I had salad night.

Wednesday: Zoo, Sculpture Museum, and Bike Rides

Today was an amazing day. I had a field study to a zoo for my biodiversity class to the Copenhagen Zoo. It’s right by my house, so I just biked there before going to the Thorvaldsen’s Museum with my roommate. It is a museum dedicated exclusively to the sculptures of Thorvaldsen featuring lots of Greek and Christian statues. Afterwards, Joanna and I went thrifting before getting lost on our way home. My Danish roommate Sofie and I went on a bike ride to a trippy bike park called Superkilen. It features zigzagged bike lanes and a park that is 100% pink. She showed me her vet school and we biked home in time for “family dinner” in my flat. Jonas and I made chicken curry and I did more homework the rest of the night.

Copenhagen ZOO

Thursday: More Biking and Tator Tot Hotdish

Thursday was absolutely exhausting. I biked a total of 13 miles to school, to my host family’s house, and then home. On top of that, I got a 33 hour take home exam assigned in my Medical Ethics class. But the day improved once I got to my host family’s house and made a traditional Minnesotan meal called Tator Tot Hotdish. My host dad did a wonderful job tracking down tator tots for the meal and we played games and watched tv before I biked home to go out with the Notre Dame squad here in Copenhagen. My friend Leigh from ND visited me this weekend along with 6 other guys from ND who are all studying abroad in Dublin. We met up for a second that night to make plans for the weekend.

Friday: ND Friends

Friday was super fun. I had class and finished my take home exam and met up with the ND people for dinner. We went out to the Meat Packing district here and had a wonderful time. It was a more alternative area of Copenhagen, but definitely worth seeing once. I was so happy to see my friend Amanda’s boyfriend Dom visit from Dublin.

My BFF’s boyfriend!

Saturday: Church of our Savior

I spent all of Saturday with the ND squad. We met up near Nyhavn to go to the Church of Our Savior to hike the spire. It is an absolutely beautiful church with a gold spiral spire that can be climbed. It was actually super terrifying.

Notre Dame squad got pretty high on the Church of Our Savior

After catching our breath, they went to Christiania and museums while I did homework and packed for London. We went to dinner at the Tivoli food hall and hung out in my flat for awhile before ending the night dancing at Tyrolia. I was so happy to have them visit and it made me realize how much Denmark is like home for me.

Sorry for the delay in posts! London and Amsterdam posts to come!


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