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An Average Week in The Life of a DIS Student

Update: I am an official DIS blogger now along with 20 other students. Warning: sometimes inappropriate ads will appear. Just know I am too frugal to pay to remove them and they can help you cheat on your spouse if needed 😉 Other warning: this post is too long.

Monday: Flødeboller and Handball Celebration

After recovering from Poland, I started what would be considered a more average week as a student here. I attended my classes for the day (including
flødeboller chocolate treats from my professor 🙂 ) and then went to study at the Studenthuser until the Handball homecoming celebration. Since Denmark won the world cup in Handball, they got the rare privilege of eating pancakes with the prime minister followed by being able to walk out of the balcony of the city hall to thousands cheering below. I wasn’t in the mood to go, but like all DIS students, I joined the tens of thousands in the crowd for an hour to watch some random men come out with trophies. Most entertaining part: watching drunk elderly people painted like the Danish flag (the Dannebrog) cheering on their people!

Skål Danmark!

Tuesday: Glyptoteket, Stir Fry Night, and Board Games

Tuesday was an eventful day! I started class at 8:30 am, then went to my friend Claire’s residential community for lunch. We went to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket museum (free on Tuesday!) which was awesome. It had lots of Greek busts, Rodin statues, and Danish paintings. It was donated by Carlsberg (the beer company founder). After museuming, we went to a huge, modern library in Copenhagen called the Black Diamond. Think Hesburgh Library x100.

After the museum, I had a meeting about being a DIS blogger. I am an official DIS blogger along with about 20 other students, so I am featured on their website. Check it out here- https://disabroad.org/copenhagen/about/study-abroad-blogs/ 

Following along with the weekly tradition, my kollegium friends and I had a themed dinner.. this week= stir fry night! We then went to a board game cafe (Bastard Cafe) and played the night away with the only free game we could understand= Uno…

Stir fry night with Joanna, Talia, and Ilana
Bastard Cafe

Wednesday: Cold Bird Watching and Notre Dame Get Together

Since we don’t have classes on Wednesdays, we instead have a field trip for one of our classes. This week, I went bird watching with my Conservation and Biodiversity class at Utterslev Mose with some famous birdwatcher. I tried to have a good mindset, but it was so cold and we had to sketch every freakin’ bird we saw and nobody was in the mood at all. But you can see some pics of my classmates fake smiling below!

After three weeks of separation, all the Notre Dame students got together at a cozy (hyggeligt) bar to discuss our first experiences here. It was exactly the comfort I needed after birdwatching.

Thursday: Free Market and Family Dinner

Today brought out a lot of anxiety, but I survived! After class, DIS had something called the “Sustainable Boutique” where you can get anything free that past students donated. Joanna and I went in with the mindset to get as much as possible… and we did exactly that with some serious pushy attitudes. All in all, I came out with 3 sweaters, 5 German dresses (Munich here I come!), hangers, a blow dryer, colored pencils, three travel books, and two laundry baskets. Best part: all the German dresses fit both of us. So our pushiness paid off 🙂

Then I went to my host family’s house for a nice hardy dinner and deep political talks. I biked home in the rain and cold listening to Lukas Graham (he’s from Copenhagen) ready for bed and movie night with Joanna!


Friday: Walking in the Footsteps of Christian IV and National Museum

I was not in the mood to be outside for an hour and a half right away in the morning, but that is what my professor demanded! One of the coolest parts of DIS is that professors try to make the classes as interactive as possible. So for my royalty class today, we walked in the footsteps of Christian IV and learned about Renaissance Copenhagen.

Did Christian IV also feel this cold?

For lunch I met up with Joanna and ate waffles and hotdogs (repulsive I know…) and we walked around Nyhavn (never can get enough of this colorful street). I have been wanting to go to the National Museum for awhile. With no friends wanting to join me, I decided to go alone and had a wonderful time! It was definitely my favorite museum so far with exhibits ranging from Vikings to Legos. That evening I ate pizza and hung out with friends.

Saturday: Frederiksberg Mall and Friends

Saturday was super chill. Joanna and I went to check out the Frederiksberg mall, we had a great time in H&M, I did interviews to be an RA at Notre Dame, we watched a Black Mirror episode, and we walked the streets of Norrebro with Talia at night.

Norrebro at Night

Sunday: Kronborg Castle and Church

Today was an amazing day! I went to Kronborg Castle with Joanna and Maddie (40 minutes north by train), ate Swedish meatballs, explored Helsingor, and went to a new church with a youth group that has super nice young adults living in Copenhagen. I also saw one of my friends from DIS there and we plan to go to mass together each week. Kronborg Castle was beautiful (the fictional setting of Hamlet) and the pictures don’t do the beauty of the cold temperatures credit.


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